Party Wall Agreement after Works Completed

If you are planning on carrying out any work on the party wall of your property, it is essential to have a party wall agreement in place. This agreement is a legal document that defines the rights, responsibilities, and liability of the parties involved in the project.

A party wall agreement is typically required if you are carrying out major renovations or construction work on a shared wall or boundary. This can include anything from adding an extension to your home to building a new fence between two properties. The agreement outlines the details of the work to be carried out and establishes the terms of access to the party wall.

Typically, a surveyor will need to be appointed to create the party wall agreement, and they will assess the structure and condition of the wall in question. The surveyor will also draw up a detailed plan of the work to be carried out, including any necessary drawings, and specifications.

Once the party wall agreement is in place, the work can commence. The party wall agreement usually specifies a time frame for the work to be completed and outlines the steps involved in the event of any disputes.

After the work has been completed, the party wall agreement will be updated to reflect the changes. The surveyor will inspect the wall and confirm that the work has been carried out to the agreed standard. If any damage has been caused during the construction work, the agreement will outline the steps necessary to repair the damage or compensate the affected party.

In conclusion, if you are planning to carry out construction work on your property that affects a shared boundary or party wall, a party wall agreement is essential. This legal document will help you avoid disputes and ensure that the work is carried out safely, efficiently, and to the agreed standard. By appointing a surveyor to create the agreement, you can rest assured that the work will be completed to a high standard and that any disputes will be resolved promptly and fairly.

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